Bag of Beans is a must-visit in Tagaytay

I have been to Bag of Beans in Tagaytay three times and, on all occasions, I would say that it was a really enjoyable experience. in every direction that you look, it seems like everything in this place is charming; the ambiance further heightened by the chilly Tagaytay air. All over the place, there are comfortable outside seats, lush foliage, native decors that adorn walls and ceilings, and the beautiful soft lights that illuminate strategic spots. Food is also excellent and this is probably the most significant reason why we come coming back to Bag of Beans. I particularly like the carbonara with 2 fillets of grilled chicken, the lasagna, and the Shepherd’s Pie.

Among Bag of Beans’ offerings in its menu, I consider the Shepherd’s pie to be the most noteworthy — it was generously filled with meat and a tangy sauce that further made this dish flavorful. This, on its own, is already a complete meal.

We also like the Lasagna. It is served right out of the oven, so it is steaming hot, but better eat if fast because the cold air will cool it down quickly. What we love about this dish is its generous helping of creamy cheese and ground beef.

Bag of Beans
Savory Shepherd’s Pie
Bag of Beans

For dessert, we would always get the blueberry cheesecake. It was also good although it tasted just like any other delicious cheesecakes that we have tried.

Bag of Beans
Cheesecake topped with thick blueberry sauce
Bag of Beans
Good and satisfying

Food is best paired with a hot drink like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. You can have your hot drink reheated because it cools easily due to the cold air.

Bag of Beans
My cup of hot latte
Bag of Beans
Bag of Beans
A painting
Bag of Beans
Cage with a big artificial butterfly
Bag of Beans
A view from inside

Bag of Beans

For three people, it is safe to allot around P1,750. Not bad for such a lovely experience.

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