Ayala Triangle Gardens at Night

Ayala Triangle Gardens is like an oasis in the midst of Makati’s skyscrapers and busy avenues.

Makati Central Business District may exude an atmosphere of rigidity during the day but it transforms into a totally different ambiance at night. The frantic activities during the day give way to laid-back jogging, unperturbed dinners, and happy conversations over a cup of coffee.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
For those who just want to indulge in a leisurely walk, there are public parks in Makati like Ayala Triangle Gardens, Washington SyCip Park, and Jaime Velasquez Park. However, of these three parks, Ayala Triangle looks more stunning at night because of the many lights around the park grounds.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
For those who are not yet in-the-know, Ayala Triangle used to be the site of the Nielson Airport. It was converted into a park when it was no longer utilized as an airfield. The Nielson Tower, home of Blackbird Restaurant, remains as a reminder of the park’s former use.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Sometime last year, while waiting for Khris after their team’s annual Christmas dinner, I strolled around Ayala Triangle Gardens during the night and was quite amused because Ayala Triangle Gardens was bustling with activity. There were a lot of people jogging, playing or just hanging around but it did not feel crowded.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
The warm lights inside the park were soothing and were just enough to illuminate the pathways and the benches. It felt very relaxing to be walking amidst the flurry of excitement and holiday vibe. Most of the benches were occupied so if you want to dawdle in Ayala Triangle Gardens, you might want to go here immediately after office hours before most of the crowd arrives.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Triangle Gardens
In particular, Ayala Triangle Gradens is most breathtaking during Christmas season where the trees are decorated with colorful LED lights. There are music and light shows, much-awaited by spectators, beginning at around 7 PM. The “dancing” lights and the lively music seem to further enliven the park as well as the visitors.
Ayala Triangle Gardens
After the light show, visitors may have dinner or coffee in one of the restaurants inside Ayala Triangle Gardens. Alternatively, you may settle in a quiet spot in the park and just enjoy the breeze. You may also go to Ayala Triangle Gardens on weekends and read a good book in late afternoon when it is much cooler.

How about you, do you have a memorable experience at Makati’s Ayala Triangle Gardens? How do you like to spend your time there?

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