Away for the Weekend: Corregidor Overnight Tour

A photo of a barge at the Manila Sun Cruises port
Photo taken at the waiting area of Manila Sun Cruises while waiting for our departure
A photo of the manila skyline as our ferry departs for Corregidor

Corregidor Island has always had that mysterious appeal, primarily because of its rich past and the many ghost stories kept by this tiny former American outpost. A trip to Corregidor Island, hence, is one adventure that is worth pursuing.

It was a year ago when my wife and I planned on going to Corregidor. It did not push through, though, because of the inclement weather that time.

Exactly a year after, we were finally able to go to this historic island. We booked for an overnight tour through Sun Cruises; I believe they are the only group conducting a Corregidor Island tour.

The only route going to the island was via a one-hour ferry ride which, thankfully, was comfortable and smooth.

Upon arriving at the island, we were greeted by tranvias that will take us around the island for the entire duration of the tour. According to our guide, tranvias were the primary means of transportation in the island during World War II. The present-day tranvias are engine-operated, unlike the original ones that are electric-powered and run on tracks.

Here’s how the tranvia looks like from inside. Yes, they sell those bags of Chippy and also cold Coke and bottled water.
Statue of Gen. Douglas McArthur, who used the island as allied headquarters and also as an escape route to Australia.
Photo of a beach on our way to the Japanese Garden of Peace.
This is an example of a Japanese tunnel. Much smaller than an American Tunnel according to our guide.
Old Japanese flag.
Old bills issued during the war
Collection of old bills.
Photos of Japanese soldiers

Our first stopover was at the Japanese Garden of Peace. There was a small souvenir shop that also doubles as a mini museum where an old and worn out Japanese flag is displayed. Likewise showcased were old bills and photos of World War II.

The Japanese Garden of Peace was formerly a cemetery for Japanese soldiers killed during the war
                  Old artillery
Japanese marker
One of the markers that dot the place

The site of the Japanese Garden of Peace was a former Japanese Cemetery until it was finally covered with undergrowth many years after the war. It was the photo above which led to the discovery of the site. Cleared and landscaped, it now features shrines and markers that serve as memorial for the Japanese soldiers formerly interred here.From the Japanese Garden of Peace, we proceeded to the Filipino Heroes Memorial. It featured numerous murals of Filipinos fighting various heroic battles.

From the Filipino Heroes memorial, the group had a one-hour lunch break at Corregidor Inn. Lunch was served buffet. It was good but not necessarily awesome. Nonetheless, we went there for the adventure and not really for the food.

The last part of the day trip consisted of tours around the ruined soldiers’ quarters and batteries. We also went to the Pacific War Memorial at the highest peak of Corregidor where a museum and sculptures were located.

Battery Way
         Inside Battery Way
Artifacts inside the Pacific War Memorial Museum
The Lighthouse — our last stop for the day tour
Inside the ruined hospital — said to be one of the eeriest places in Corregidor

We availed of an evening tour which consisted of a visit to a ruined hospital and the Malinta Tunnel. People say that the hospital is one of the most haunted places in the island.

The peak of the evening tour is a walk inside the Malinta Tunnel, the last stronghold of the joint Philippine and American military forces before the Japanese takeover. A visit to the tunnel usually included a light show and an audio-visual presentation but these were unavailable that evening because the place was being renovated. Be prepared also some ghost stories from your guide.

Inside the Malinta Tunnel for the evening tour
Food in the hotel can be pricey. You may want to bring your own. You may opt to buy souvenirs outside the hotel as they are not as expensive.  Bring enough cash with you.     

Interested individuals may book a tour through the following:

Reservations Office
Fernando Ma. Guerrero corner Paseo Palisoc, CCP
Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Tel. (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140
Fax (632) 834-1523
Mobile (63)917 513-2625, (63)922 337-0068

Sales Office
21st Floor Times Plaza Bldg., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 527-5555 local 4511 and 4512
Fax No. (632) 527-5555 local 4513
Corregidor Inn
Corregidor Island, Cavite
Mobile: 0917-5276350

How to get to Sun Cruises:

Option 1: From North via Roxas Boulevard (Luneta)
1. From Taft Avenue, turn right to Quirino Avenue
2. Turn left to Roxas Boulevard
3. When you reach CCP, turn right to Pedro Bukaneg Street
4. Turn right to Maria Guerrero Street Parking area

Option 2: Form South via Roxas Boulevard
1. From Baclaran, head straight to Roxas Boulevarad
2. When you reach CCP, turn left to Pedro Bukaneg Street
3. Turn right to Maria Guerrero Street Parking area

Option 3: Public Transportation

A. From South
– Ride LRT 1 from Baclaran going to Vito Cruz Station
– Cross the street going to Pablo Ocampo Street (Rizal Stadium)
– Ride an Orange Jeep going to Folk Arts Theater/ Coconut Palace
– Walk going to Paseo Palisoc Street (Parking Area)

B. From North
– Ride LRT 1 from Balintawak or Monumento going to Vito Cruz Station
– Walk going to Pablo Ocampo Street (Rizal Stadium)
– Ride an Orange Jeep going to Folk Arts Theater/ Coconut Palace
– Walk going to Paseo Palisoc Street (Parking Area)


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