In slow motion, we walk hand-in-hand
Into the middle of the darkness
Where there is nothingness
Where we lose awareness
Where there is thought of blankness
Of oblivion
Of the past
Of the things that were
Or what could have been
Maybe the future
Or what will be
Or where we will
Or how it could be 
Or the whys
Maybe the what ifs
Just to shake it away
Make it go away
Even for just a moment
That feeling
That old, painful feeling
Of being 
Like a speck of sand lost at sea
A little slug reaching for the sun
Out of place
Not of this world
Accept it
Lest it burns your heart
Like this:

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Author: Ivan Jose

Narrating stories from the perspective of two souls who are both devoid of pretensions or appetite for anything ostentatious. This blog is about living life, pursuing passions, realizing dreams, appreciating culture and history, and just being happy.

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