Grateful Dad #11.24: A Tribute To Mothers

May 13, 2024

In this post, I celebrate the magic that our mothers have brought to our lives.

A mother’s love is immeasurable, and I believe it’s one of the truest facts in this world. We can all attest to that; our own mothers sacrifice their personal comfort, welfare, and even safety just to protect their children and ensure they have a good life. My own mother has fought many battles for us because of her choices.

Grateful Dad #11.24: A Tribute To Mothers

Grateful Dad #11.24: A Tribute To Mothers

Some of those battles were heartbreaking but she decided to carry on, all for the welfare of her own family. I guess seeing her fight shaped me as a person; I’ve learned to dream and pursue my own dreams. And on the flipside, even if don’t get to realize my dreams, I can say that I tried and I did my best.

When a mother is good, she also has a positive influence on her children. She becomes the model for her daughters and the ideal woman for her sons. Before I got married, I envisioned my future wife to be as caring to me and to our future children as my own mother. I can say that I was able to marry a woman who is willing to sacrifice for her family, a mother who ensures that her children’s welfare is the priority, and a wife who has been nothing but caring to me.

I know I’m lucky but, of course, I also have to do my part in reciprocating the love that I receive. It’s not just celebrating Mother’s Day and arranging surprises for Mommy but making a conscious effort to improve my relationship with my wife each day. Beyond all the material things in this world, I guess the ultimate goal of every individual is to find that one person who will be with us for the rest of our lives.

A tribute to Mothers

Someone who will give us a safe space when things become rough and when the world doesn’t seem to align with our personal goals. On the other hand, they’re ready to share happy moments with us and celebrate the small wins. I’m glad I found mine, my partner for life.

As we commemorate Mother’s Day, let’s keep in mind to keep it a habit to exert effort every day in improving our relationships with the mothers in our lives. All the same, let’s raise our children to be appreciative and loving of their moms.

It’s extra challenging to be a parent these days because of our busy lives and the many distractions around us but let us be deliberate in our actions. If you are a father, be the model in how you want your children to treat their mother and, for your sons, how you want them to treat their future wives.

Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to celebrate Mother’s Day so we also took the opportunity to commemorate it as a family. We went to church to pray and I took Mommy Khris to her favorite shopping center. We also ate lunch because Rafa wanted to eat pizza. He also wanted to have ice cream after, so we bought a pint and shared it with each other. In the end, we had a wonderful family time and a weekend well spent.

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