Nestlé Finds Success On TikTok Shop

May 21, 2024

Nestlé Soars on TikTok Shop, Fuels F&B Growth Through Innovative Strategies.

TikTok Shop has become a pivotal player in digital commerce, reshaping consumer interactions with 'Shoppertainment', a unique blend of entertainment and commerce, to create a dynamic platform where businesses of all sizes thrive. With a focus on innovation, TikTok Shop has continually evolved its offerings to meet the diverse needs of brands and consumers.

Nestlé Finds Success On TikTok Shop
Niks Fojas, Category Lead for Food & Beverage/FMCG at TikTok Shop

Nestlé Finds Success On TikTok Shop

    "At TikTok Shop, we're dedicated to empowering businesses to succeed in the digital world. Our platform combines entertainment and commerce to create a lively space where brands of all sizes can connect with consumers. By continuously evolving and listening to our community's needs, we're shaping a more engaging and inclusive online shopping experience," shared Niks Fojas, Category Lead for Food & Beverage/FMCG at TikTok Shop.

    Nestlé's Utilization of TikTok Shop's ACE Indicator System: A Success Story

    Nestlé, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, exemplifies the success achievable through TikTok Shop's innovative framework. During the 4.4 Summer Saya Campaign, Nestlé experienced a significant surge, emerging as the top brand in the Food and Beverage category with a 50% uplift in orders. According to Nestlé, this growth is attributed to the brand's strategic implementation of TikTok Shop's ACE (Assortment, Content, and Empowerment) indicator system.

    Nestlé on TikTok Shop
    Nestlé on TikTok Shop

    "Partnering with TikTok Shop has allowed us to tap into the pulse of consumer trends in the food & beverage industry. By embracing innovation and leveraging TikTok Shop's platform, we've connected with our audience and elevated the shopping experience for food and beverage enthusiasts. This partnership underscores Nestlé's dedication to staying at the forefront of digital commerce, enriching the way people experience and enjoy our products," said Stephanie Sy, Head of Digital Transformation at Nestlé.

    Central to Nestlé's strategy was optimizing its presence on TikTok Shop to highlight promotions and campaign-exclusive products. This focus on Assortment optimization yielded significant growth metrics, including a notable 41% increase in Search GMV and a 5% growth in Showcase GMV.

    Elevating customer engagement

    Nestlé's content strategy also played a pivotal role in engaging consumers and driving purchase intent. By hosting extended self-live sessions, the brand created immersive shopping experiences, leading to a 66% increase in self-live GMV and a substantial 137% increase in orders. Collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and multi-channel network (MCN) affiliates further bolstered Nestlé's brand presence, resulting in a 15% increase in the number of creators and a substantial 45% increase in Affiliate Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) orders.

    Additionally, empowering creators and maximizing Shop Ads were key components of Nestlé's success strategy. Thematic brand campaigns like the Nestle March Mega Sale resonated with consumers, resulting in a +240.75% uplift in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and a +520% surge in daily live GMV.


    As Nestlé continues to leverage the features of TikTok Shop's ecosystem, it highlights the platform's evolving role in shaping social commerce dynamics. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, this partnership signifies a step forward in enhancing the online retail experience, demonstrating TikTok Shop's potential for growth and innovation.

    "TikTok Shop serves as a dynamic marketplace where brands like Nestlé can truly innovate and connect with consumers on a deeper level," added Fojas. "Our collaborative efforts with Nestlé showcase the power of engaging content and strategic initiatives, driving tangible results and fostering authentic brand-consumer relationships in the digital realm."

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