Mylo Speech Buddy App Is Designed To Help Individuals with Speech Delays

May 26, 2024

I've recently discovered an app called Mylo Speech Buddy and I'm excited to try it with my son.

As a dad to a boy with autism, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help supplement my son’s therapy sessions. While he is currently enrolled in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and special education classes, we make sure to reinforce his lessons with daily play and day-to-day practical home activities. 

Mylo Speech Buddy App Is Designed To Help Individuals with Speech Delays

Mylo Speech Buddy App Is Designed To Help Individuals with Speech Delays

    In terms of our priority though, his Mommy and I would like to focus on his speech first. He was able to say a few words when he was two years old, but he regressed and until now, he is still non-verbal except for some babbling and gestures. 

    We believe that being able to express himself through spoken words would give him a big boost in terms of living independently. Recently, we discovered an app called Mylo Speech Buddy, which is designed to help individuals with speech delays due to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

    How I discovered Mylo Speech Buddy

    Mylo Speech Buddy is a subscription-based app that uses videos to help non-verbal or speech-delayed autistic children develop their speech. I came to know about Mylo Speech Buddy during its recent launch last April 2, 2024, in time for World Autism Acceptance Day.

    I'll do whatever I can and try all available tools just to help my son learn how to speak. With that, I’ve recently subscribed to Mylo Speech Buddy for a monthly fee of P999. We have not yet started with the lessons, but I will provide a constant update to this post if we get positive results from Mylo Speech Buddy. 

    Do keep in mind that the app is designed to complement your child’s current programs and not replace them so it’s best to continue with the recommended therapy sessions for your child.

    Mylo Speech Buddy Selected for 2024 Echelon's TOP100 Growth Program

    As a testament to the quality that the team behind the app has put into it, health tech startup Mylo Speech Buddy has earned a spot at the Echelon’s TOP100 Startups, hosted at the Singapore Expo on May 15-16, 2024.

    Vincent Rocha of Mylo Speech Buddy along with other startup participants at the Echelon X
    Vincent Rocha of Mylo Speech Buddy along with other startup participants at the Echelon X

    Echelon X, e27's technology event, brought together over 7,000 startups, SMEs, exhibitors, investors, corporates, government institutions, and other ecosystem stakeholders from more than 30 Asian countries, all aimed at fostering tech ecosystem resilience through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

    This year, the TOP100 Program has honed its selection process to spotlight startups poised for exponential growth. Selected startups benefit from regional exposure, funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to exclusive networking events. They will also embark on a six-month program, featuring one one-on-one coaching and exclusive masterclasses.

    Embracing themes like agile practices, collaborative ecosystems, and sustainability, Echelon X featured 150 speakers and 46 sessions, providing insights for startups discussing today's dynamic landscape. The TOP100 Program startups had access to these sessions, further enriching their experience and knowledge.

    Meanwhile, Mylo Speech Buddy was joined by nine other Philippine startups that have participated in exclusive events and masterclasses since March, gaining access to over 800 investors on the e27 PRO Connect platform. They showcased their innovations at exhibition booths and tried to earn a spot to present on the Pitch Stage.

    Vincent Rocha, CEO and Founder of Mylo Speech Buddy, at the Echelon X
    Vincent Rocha, CEO and Founder of Mylo Speech Buddy, at the Echelon X

    "Being part of Echelon’s TOP100 Growth Program is an ‘ausome’ opportunity for Mylo Speech Buddy and for my fellow autism parents. This opportunity provides us with unparalleled access to investors and mentors who can help us scale our impact. We are excited to leverage this platform to further our mission of supporting children with ASD and speech delays,” Vincent Rocha, CEO and Founder of Mylo Speech Buddy.

    Launched on April 2, 2024, Mylo Speech Buddy is committed to supporting more individuals on the autism spectrum, particularly in their journey from zero words to their first spoken word.

    "The mentorship and exposure we have gained through the TOP100 Growth Program have been inspiring since our launch last month. We are eager to continue our journey and collaborate with other innovative startups and industry leaders to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families," he added.

    As the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem continues to grow, programs like TOP100 are crucial in supporting the next generation of startups to ensure startups have the resources and guidance needed to thrive.

    Echelon also revealed plans to create Echelon Philippines this upcoming September, noting the country's significant market potential and funding opportunities.

    About Mylo Speech Buddy

    Established in July 2023 by Vincent Rocha and Enrico Aquino, Mylo Speech Buddy is a rapidly growing Filipino startup company. It offers an innovative speech development app tailored to assist children with speech delays, especially those on the autism spectrum. The app is readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store platforms.

    The company was established to address a personal challenge encountered by its founders, stemming from the scarcity of therapists. This challenge is not unique to local families but is also experienced internationally by those within the Ausome community.

    Mylo collaborates closely with speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and medical professionals who prioritize the unique needs of children within the autism spectrum.

    Mylo was also a notable finalist on the 9th season of CNN Philippines’ “The Final Pitch”, a contender in the Department of Trade and Industry backed-SLINGSHOT x Venture Pilipinas Pitch Competition, and 1st runner-up at the PLDT and Smart Startup Innovation Challenge.

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