Grateful Dad #6.23: Recovery

March 05, 2023

Some physical setbacks had me feeling like the road to recovery was elusive but I was still thankful for the positive things in the last few weeks.

Previously, I said that the month of January went by too quickly. After all of the flurry, I would’ve wanted to destress and recover. It turned out I’ll indeed be doing some recovery at the start of February. You see, at the start of February, our department had a rather unusual team-building activity – a boxing session at Flyweight Boxing in BGC. I quite frankly enjoyed it; It was my first time doing a boxing session in a studio and the instructors were really good. The facilities were likewise excellent.

Grateful Dad Recovery

Grateful Dad #6.23: Recovery

However, the weekend before our session, I’ve had an allergic rhinitis attack and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather because of that. Just the same, I still pushed through with our plans since we’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.

Moreover, I thought that a little physical activity might do my body good especially if I sweat it out. I realized later on that it wasn’t a good idea. I was out of breath during our entire session. At some point, I felt that I was going to pass out. If not for the gulps of cold water, I would’ve blacked out. I was that out of shape. Thankfully, none of that happened but I felt sore all over.

The following day, I requested to work from home because I was having a hard time moving. My legs, arms, back, and diaphragm hurt. I figured slowing down a little would help but I was wrong. By the afternoon, I was already having chills and during the evening, I already had a fever. I was like that for the next two days but I had to get better because of Miguel’s educational tour that coming weekend. Thanks to Bioflu, I was feeling a lot better during the whole weekend.

I thought that the worst was over. In the coming days, I had a lot of weird health issues like losing my voice, and then a stomach trouble that affected all four of us (Mommy Khris and I as well as the two kids). Thankfully, it was serious and our natural immunity did its magic.

I was grateful because we all recuperated well. I self-tested twice for COVID-19 but both results yielded a negative outcome. Still, I felt that the last two weeks were spent warding off diseases. I never really had the chance to recover, both physically and mentally.

As luck would have it, by the time I felt physically well, we were only a few days away from a major presentation. That meant going through the usual routine of gathering the necessary information and updates to be able to put together the reports. In short, a deluge of stressful activities again.

As usual, it’s just a matter of trying to manage things. Plus, I’ve already accepted the fact that overtime work is called for just to finish our deliverables.

Fortunately, we have weekends for spending with our loved ones. For us, a quick trip to a park or the mall is enough to recharge us. Seeing our two kids enjoying themselves and having a good time is enough to reenergize us and refuel our inspiration. The lack of sleep, the long commute, and the demands at work are easily forgotten when I see my children happy. With that, I realized that I recovered after all.

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  1. WOW, you sure had a hard time of it but I'm sure glad you are feeling better.