Grateful Dad #5.23: Life in February

February 26, 2023

Here are the things that I'm grateful for in the month of February.

Everybody was saying that the days of January were dragging. However, that is not the case for me. In fact, January went by so fast that it felt like a blur. Probably it was because of our many deliverables at work; we were wishing that the days will be slower so that we’ll have more time to finish our tasks.

Grateful Dad Life in February

Grateful Dad #5.23: Life in February

The month of February is no different. I can think of only one “slow” week but the rest of the month seems to be going by in a flash. Again, it was because of work. I’m not complaining though, I quite enjoy the challenges in the office but it can be quite exhausting at times because we are just two in our department.

On a different note, the harried work week gave me a deeper appreciation of slow weekends. I still wouldn’t consider weekends slow because Miguel has classes on Saturdays. However, when we have already dropped off Miguel at school, we take advantage of our waiting time as an opportunity to bond with Rafa.

There is a nearby Dunkin Donuts store near Miguel’s school which had a nice second level. It doesn’t get crowded because it’s not in a busy location. In several instances, the maximum number of people dining in is around six. We’re loving Dunkin Donuts coffee blends and sandwiches. Of course, Rafa loves his donuts all the time so he always enjoys the bucket that we buy for him and Miguel.

Miguel also had his first educational tour in February. We wanted to take Rafa with us but the fare was too expensive. We went to Pinaglabanan Shrine, El Deposito, then Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Laguna, and then Nuvali as the last stop. Because of the early call time, we thought that Miguel would be grumpy throughout the day. Turned out he enjoyed the bus ride as well as the places that we visited.

Since we were guilty to have left Rafa the whole day for Miguel’s tour, we asked Rafa the next day where he wanted to go. He said that he wanted to go to the park so we took them to the Quezon City Memorial Circle where we biked, ate dirty ice cream, bought cotton candy, tried a ride, bought toys, and played on the slides.

We went home by late afternoon but it seemed that Miguel wanted to stay a bit longer so we told him that we’d just come back to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Finally, the surprise long weekend because of the EDSA People Power Anniversary. Surprise because we all “forgot” about the Holiday Economics Law for 2023 (Proclamation No. 90) signed by President Ferdinand Marcos. The law simply states that select holidays will be adjusted pursuant to the principles of holiday economics, in which longer weekends encourage domestic travel and tourism. Anyway, I think a reminder from the government would still be helpful to avoid confusion in the coming holidays this year.

The long weekend gave us the opportunity to go home to San Antonio and visit Miguel & Rafa’s Lolo and Lola. It was a quick trip but it was still worthwhile. I wished it were longer though so that we can all sleep a little more.

Lastly, one final hurdle on the last day of February (work again, I know!) before we finally close off the month of February and begin the month of March. Did you realize that the first quarter of the year is almost over? Yes, it’s that fast. 

Anyway, what are you grateful for in February? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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  1. The year is flying by so fast and it sounds like you had a busy month.