Grateful Dad #44: The Rat Race

November 27, 2022

In this post, I remember the time when I wanted to exit the rat race more than a decade ago.

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a kababata and barkada and I admitted to him how a decade ago I made a grand plan to make an exit from the corporate world and travel around the globe. If not traveling the world, I would’ve wanted to at least go to another country, take an unconventional job, and explore that country. I wanted to escape the routine and monotony of my corporate life.

The Rat Race

Grateful Dad #44: The Rat Race

That inspired me to write a blog entry called “The Rat Race” which I wrote in a private blog at that time. I shared with my friend the link to that article to substantiate my claim that, even though I was an introvert, I craved a life of adventure.

Then again, when I read that article again, I realized that I was such an overthinker and self-doubter. In the end, however, I decided not to push through with my plans. I soon realized that staying put was probably the best decision because of the things that happened next in my life.

In any case, I’m sharing that article again here. I wrote it on July 31, 2011.


The Rat Race

Ah….the rat race. this term or adjective has been swirling around my head for the past two weeks or so.

Some weekends ago, I read the blog of an old acquaintance and was surprised to find out that she has already left her job at the turn of the year to pursue a path much, much different from her previous job. she has already left the rat race.

I was quite surprised because I once got the impression that was one of those people who will do whatever it takes to reach the top. more than this, I felt a bit envious because she had the option to leave the fast-paced corporate world. 

I also once planned to turn my back on the rat race but after much deliberation, I realized that it wasn’t feasible. obviously, I need money. I need to earn as much as I can for myself, my parents, and my future family. I have little choice but to face the everyday stress, the irate bosses, the hard-to-understand colleagues, and the jam-packed MRT, among other things.

I can choose to leave but that means chickening out for me, letting go of my dreams, and being impractical. on the other hand, if I could have it my way, I would like to take photographs, maybe do films, travel, or be in WWF or Haribon to take care of the environment. but, as I’ve said, that’s not practical. I need the money, I need to save up. I cannot just leave my parents because they also don’t have much.

I have made this work in the past and I will continue to make it work. it’s all a matter of managing stress and finding happiness and a sense of adventure each day to get me through the amazing rat race.


I was such as scatterbrain when I wrote this article, in my opinion. I was full of contradictions and my indecisiveness clearly manifested itself in my words. 

The many years that passed honestly did a lot of good to me; I matured, I gained a different perspective in life, and I learned to handle situations with more grit (and self-worth). To be honest, I still dream of going on adventures. This time though, it will be with my family.

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