Why You Should Keep Your Child’s Vaccines Up-To-Date

September 15, 2021

Find out why keeping your child's vaccines up-to-date is overwhelmingly advantageous.

Vaccines play a crucial role in your child’s immunity by helping their bodies create antibodies to fight off diseases. Keeping our kids’ immune systems strong is especially important in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic when warding off illnesses is everybody’s concern. Unfortunately, though, some parents miss their children’s vaccine schedule because they are busy at work or at home so it’s best that they understand that getting their doses on time will prove to be extremely beneficial to their health.

Reasons to keep your child's vaccines up-to-date
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Why You Should Keep Your Child’s Vaccines Up-To-Date

    No approved COVID-19 vaccines for kids yet

    Our pediatrician told us that since there are no approved COVID-19 vaccines for children yet, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a fighting chance against the disease. 

    We can still protect them from COVID-19 by adhering to strict health and safety protocols at home such as bathing and disinfecting after going out and generally adhering to good hygiene at home.

    Furthermore, a strong immune system is key the only way to do it is to complete their vaccines, with emphasis on the ones that will strengthen their respiratory system (such as flu and anti-pneumonia shots).

    What are the recommended vaccines for children?

    Getting vaccinated is the primary line of defense of children against diseases. Thus, as parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they get the recommended vaccines for their age on time. 

    Of course, it will still depend on your personal preference although, honestly, the advantages of vaccines far outweigh the disadvantages (minor side effects). If you have apprehensions, ask your pediatrician about it so that you can make an informed choice.

    Here are the recommended vaccines for children per age:

    After birth

    • BCG vaccine (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) – anti tuberculosis
    • HBV vaccine (Hepatitis B)

    At six weeks

    • DPT vaccine (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus)
    • Polio vaccine
    • PC (pneumococcal conjugate) vaccine

    Six months onward

    • Flu
    • Japanese encephalitis
    • Measles vaccine
    • Mumps vaccine
    • Rubella vaccine
    • Varicella vaccine - Chickenpox
    • Hepatitis A
    • HPV (human papillomavirus)

    What if a vaccine is missed?

    There are cases when missing a vaccine shot is unavoidable like when a baby is sick or in cases when parents forget about the schedule. This has happened to us and we’re not afraid to admit that we forgot a vaccine shot or two. We’re not perfect, after all.

    Vaccine vials and syringe
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    It’s a good thing that our kids can still catch up if they miss a shot. Also, we're thankful that our pediatrician is kind and patient enough to explain these things to us.

    To catch up, there are what is called polyvalent vaccines, or those that target multiple diseases in one shot. An example would be the 4-in-1 DPT with the polio vaccine. Moreover, it’s also a great way to deliver a vaccine because a baby is spared from multiple injections.

    Recommended vaccines for adults

    I know this is a little off-topic because this article is about vaccination for children. However, it wouldn’t hurt to keep emphasizing the criticality of vaccinations to adults. If the COVID-19 vaccine is available to you, please take advantage of it because it will protect you from getting complications from the virus. I got mine and it's perfectly fine.

    It’s also best to continue your flu vaccinations, as well as pneumonia vaccines.

    Managing the side effects of vaccines

    Our pediatrician told us that, it managing the side effects of vaccines we only need to give paracetamol to manage fever and cold compress to alleviate local pain and swelling.


    The importance of vaccination in children cannot be overemphasized because that will give them protection against diseases. As such, we should ensure that they get the recommended shots on time. If ever they miss their schedule, it’s alright because they can still catch up with polyvalent vaccines.

    On the other hand, vaccination is as important to adults so it’s also best to stick to the suggested annual shots.

    The importance of vaccination in children

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    1. Absolutely agree. Expect here in the US we have a different set of vaccinations. But they are just as important.

    2. Growing up in California, I think it was required, that we get vaccines to go to public school. I was always vaccinated. I hated getting pricked by those needles, haha. Now, I don't mind it, it doesn't really bother me. Vaccines are a great tool against getting serious illnesses.

    3. I so agree with this and we do. My kids get all their vaccinations and so do we. We all have the Covid vaccine as well.

    4. I was given a book in the hospital with both of my children for their vaccines and other medical information. They had it all filled out for me and ready to go. I used these books their entire lives until they started to take care of their own health. Made it so easy to remember or access. Kelli A

    5. This is very useful for new parents, I wish I had this list years ago when I became a mother! Thanks for sharing!

    6. Vaccines are incredibly important. They help keep our kids safe and healthy for their entire lives. We can't overlook them.

    7. Every parent needs to read this! I know so many parents who either haven't vaccinated their kids or haven't gotten them their boosters. Blows my mind.

    8. This is so important - especially in these unprecedented times. Thank you for sharing this information to get the message out there to protect kids against the virus!

    9. Completely agree! I got all of my vaccines as kid (except for one I'm allergic too) and am up to date on the ones needed as an adult (including the COVID-19 vaccine). If not for yourself, at least get it so others can have some protection as well! Great post!

    10. Thanks for reminding. Great thing our local government unit hands our own record book and kept us up.to.date when it comes to kids vaccination.

    11. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing the knowledge about vaccines to us. It's helpful.

    12. I agree, it's very important. Thanks for the list. I'll share this to my social media.

    13. I think my mom made sure we got all the vaccines when we were kids and she always reminds us how important it is not to miss one. Yes, it's sad that there is no anticovid vaccine for kids yet.. My niece however will have her Flu shot this coming week.. I think that's the closest applicable vaccine they can get at the moment

    14. I think my mom made sure we got all the vaccines when we were kids and she always reminds us how important it is not to miss one. Yes, it's sad that there is no anticovid vaccine for kids yet.. My niece however will have her Flu shot this coming week.. I think that's the closest applicable vaccine they can get at the moment

    15. Couldn't agree more with this. It's our duty to both our kids and public health to keep their vaccines up to date.

    16. Thanks for sharing! I agree that the children should get the necessary approved and proven vaccines.

    17. I've never seen such a big debate over vaccines as I've seen now. It's nice to see a post that is informative but not controversial about it.

    18. I agree. I am pro-vaccination because like you rightly said, the pros far outweighs the cons

    19. I couldn't agree more and my husband and I were just having this conversation today. While we don't have children, we without a doubt with keep them up to date with all the relevant vaccinations.

    20. This is a good thing to think about especially during the pandemic. Health should be a priority!

    21. I agree. As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

    22. Great tips! The child health is very important and should stay up date with their health.

      Fransic - https://www.querianson.com/

    23. You are so right! Kids need their vaccines too. Many times, we adults assume they don't really need them and yet, they are human too and need them accordingly!

    24. I truly believe in the importance of vaccination. My son has a complete vaccination record. He never missed one since he was a baby. -LYNNDEE

    25. Relieved to see that my child is all up to date with his vaccines. I'm just waiting for children's covid vaccine to come up.

    26. There are so many vaccines to monitor but of course, this is for the kids safety. Better be safe than sorry!