15 Easy Family-Friendly Fall Date Ideas At Home

August 31, 2021

If you are thinking of family-friendly date ideas at home, here are some suggestions for you.

The fall season is upon us once again. Temperatures will begin to drop and will be a lot more manageable as compared to summer. You can put on a little layer of clothes but it doesn’t have to be as heavy as your winter clothes. Outside, the trees and leaves will begin to change their color and begin to shed or fall (hence, the name of the season). The fall season is ideal for outdoor activities with families. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, we may have to postpone our usual activities outside and transition to recreational pursuits at home instead.

Family-friendly fall date ideas a home

15 Easy Family-Friendly Fall Date Ideas At Home

    When does fall occur?

    Fall (or autumn in European culture) typically begins during the third week of September and ends during the third week of December. 

    Aside from the change in temperature and colors of deciduous plants (the types of plants that lose their leaves during certain periods in a year), the days become shorter while nights become longer.

    Minimize time outside

    The pandemic is in its second year and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now, with the new and more aggressive COVID-19 virus variants, we need to be more mindful of the time we spend outside. In fact, we should spend as little time as possible outside. That means postponing our usual outdoor activities, no matter how tempting it is

    Family-friendly fall ideas

    I was initially thinking of putting together a few date ideas with your significant other because, personally, I miss going out on dates with my wife. However, I thought that our kids are as anxious as we are to spend time outside. As such, I have put together these date ideas for your wife or husband and even your children.

    Here are some of the amazing things that you can do for fun and family-friendly dates at home:

    Fall activities for couples

    Let’s admit it, as parents, we want the occasional time out with our significant other and just have a break from parenting, even just quickly. The following are some activities at home to do that.

    1. Prepare a charcuterie board

    A charcuterie board looks amazing, not to mention the pieces of cold cuts and cheese that go into the board are delicious. I think it brings dates to a whole new level, especially if you are just at home. 

    Charcuterie board fall date ideas

    You can buy it, of course, but there’s nothing better than preparing it yourself and surprising your significant other with your gourmet chef-like abilities.

    Here are some ideas on how to do it: How To Make A Cheese Board For Your Date Night At Home.

    Buy your board here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    2. Have a garden dinner

    Who says you can’t have dinner outside? Well, in your garden, that is. If you have ample space in your garden and the weather is crisp, put your yard to good use and set up a dinner table outside. 

    Candle-lit dinner fall date idea

    You can have it your way – a casual dinner or a candle-lit dinner, cook the food yourself, or just order delivery. The possibilities are endless while you enjoy the fine outdoor breeze.

    Buy candles here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    3. Read a book together on the porch or terrace

    Sometimes, we just want to enjoy the quietness of the surroundings and the crisp season air. Why don’t you grab your favorite book and read it together on the front porch or terrace? Enjoy a nice mug of coffee with it or a glass of red wine, and you have the perfect relaxing date at home.

    4. Watch Netflix together

    Netflix and chill would never go out of fashion. Cast your favorite Netflix show on your living room television or bring a laptop on the porch and enjoy the show together with each other.

    5. Have a cocktails night in the yard

    Bottles of red wine for your fall date at home

    The fall season is generally balmy so a few refreshing and light cocktails are still a good idea during this time. Take your cocktails night to new heights by setting up a table and chairs for two in the yard. Bring your charcuterie board and enjoy an outdoor date.

    Order red wine here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    6. Reserve Friday evenings with your significant other

    Reserve your Friday nights for a date night at home, even if you have no idea what to do yet. Sometimes, just being present for your significant other or family is more than enough.

    Cute fall date ideas with your family

    As I’ve mentioned above, children are also eager to go out. If they are still small, then playtimes at home are enough. But if they are big kids, chances are, they also need a break from the monotony of being cooped up at home. Here are some date ideas that you can do with your family.

    7. Make afternoon nacho snacks

    I think nacho chips with dips are always a good idea. We love it at home because it’s versatile. You can prepare the dips to your liking; make it as healthy as you can! 

    Nacho dip for your fall family date at home

    You can also buy dips in jars if this is what you like. What you can do is that you can involve your kids in preparing the nacho snacks. It’s also a great way to practice collaborative parenting at home.

    Buy your nacho dip here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    8. Make it a family affair with board games

    Scrabble game at home for the fall

    I think board games are losing popularity these days. Children would rather tinker with their gadgets than play board games. I think it’s a good idea to introduce board games to your kids like scrabble, snakes and ladders, and monopoly. These are fun, educational, and a nice break from gadgets.

    Get your scrabble game here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    9. Practice no-gadget dates during Saturday afternoons

    Speaking of gadgets, you can also practice no-gadget dates with your family. Huddle together in a living room, prepare your favorite snacks and food, and have a family conversation. Just ask your kids how they are and what they plan to do when it’s okay to go back to school. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the family talk.

    10. Make DIY ice cream with your family on weekends

    Ice cream maker for DIY ice cream at home during the fall season

    I think most people love ice cream and it’s so much fun knowing that you can actually make it at home. As such, you can turn ice cream-making into a family activity. You can make your favorite flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and even cheese ice cream right at home.

    Get your ice cream maker here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    11. Go on a family breakfast date

    We do enjoy eating breakfast at home and I think it’s a fun idea to go on a breakfast date. You can order food via delivery or go on an early morning drive and order food via drive-thru. 

    You can also opt to prepare breakfast with your kids. The possibilities are endless because you don’t really need any complicated preparation to do this.

    12. Decorate for the Halloween

    Halloween decors at home

    Halloween is fun, both for kids and adults. Setting up decors and even making costumes bring a lot of fun, especially to little kids. Decorate your house with your kids and make it extra fun for them since they can’t go out for tricks or treats.

    Buy Halloween decors here, or on Lazada and Shopee.

    13. Make Halloween treats at home

    Speaking of treats, you can also make Halloween-themed treats at home like severed fingers using sausages and ketchup or make jack o’ lantern-designed pancakes with your kids.

    14. Prepare a themed dinner at home

    You can also have themed dinner at home like pasta Fridays, pizza Thursdays, chicken Wednesdays, Asian Tuesdays, and so on. You’d be surprised with how fun it is to look for food ideas using your delivery app.

    15. Have a family movie night

    A movie night with your family will never go out of fashion. You can watch classic animated films, family comedies, and even light horror movies if your kids like them. What’s even better is you can let them pick the movies that they would want to watch.


    The fall season, characterized by a mild breeze and cooler temperatures, is ideal for outdoor activities. However, with health and safety still a major concern because of the pandemic, fall date ideas at home are the best.

    Fall date ideas at home

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