PLDT Home Fibr brings NBA All-Star 2021 with the NBA League Pass

March 05, 2021

Enjoy the NBA All-Star 2020-21 season at the comfort of your home with PLDT Home Fibr's NBA League Pass.

PLDT Home Fibr brings exciting news to all sports enthusiasts as it brings the NBA All-Star 2020-21 season right at your home with an improved entertainment experience through the NBA League Pass.

A family enjoying fast internet and seamless entertainment via PLDT Home Fibr

PLDT Home Fibr brings NBA All-Star 2021 with the NBA League Pass

    The NBA League Pass is the league’s premium live game subscription service, which delivers the most comprehensive live and on-demand access to NBA games and content, all in superb high-definition, for the maximum enjoyment of viewers.

    How to subscribe to PLDT Home Fibr’s NBA League Pass

    Subscribing to PLDT Home Fibr’s NBA League Pass is easy. PLDT Home Fibr customers can subscribe to NBA League Pass by selecting from two options: monthly and 3-Game Choice packages.

    The monthly package is priced at P485, while the 3-Game Choice Package costs P85. There is also no need to worry about the payment because the charging of the fees is direct through the customers’ existing PLDT Home account.

    What can NBA League Pass subscribers access?

    With the NBA League Pass, fans can watch the freshest and most awaited events of the season, including the NBA All-Star 2021, which will be held on Sunday, March 7 ET (Monday, March 8 PHT) at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, home of the Atlanta Hawks, where the league’s annual global celebration of the game will take place on one night for the first time.

    PLDT Home Fibr NBA League Pass poster schedule of shows
    NBA League Pass

    The rosters for the NBA All-Star Game will be determined through the NBA All-Star Draft, where the two team captains – Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James and Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant – will select from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves in each conference and make their picks without regard to conference affiliation.

    NBA League Pass will provide PLDT Home Fibr subscribers access to all the NBA All-Star 2021 content with enhanced statistical overlays, alternative audio, and multiple viewing options.

    What makes it even more exciting is how subscribers can also have access to the NBA League Pass’ Next-Generation game viewing enhancements, including new camera angles, multiple in-language streams, in-depth analytics and statistical graphics, and trivia.


    With all of these, there no better way to watch the NBA action at home than with the country’s fastest internet, PLDT Home Fibr.

    Users can enjoy the simultaneous video streaming of their favorite NBA games with your multiple devices at home as PLDT Home Fibr gives you the fastest and most seamless internet speeds perfect for the whole family.

    Get your NBA League Pass through PLDT Home Fibr. To subscribe, interested customers may visit

    Enjoy fast internet and great shows with PLDT Home Fibr

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    1. My husband will be so excited when I share this. He loves NBA

    2. I'm using PLDT home fibr right now, I guess I will be switching to it!

    3. This sounds like a great service. A great way to watch the NBA!

    4. Interesting, I don't want to sound to ignorant but is American NBA that big in the Philippines? Cause I had no idea but if it is then there is no doubt that snagging the NBA League Pass from PLDT Home Fibr would be an awesome addition to what sounds like a great overall service.

    5. That's awesome and sound like amazing service offering the PLDT Home Fibr

    6. It's good that PLDT offer more than one subscription service. It's always good to have a range of options so you can choose which suits you. I know many will be excited about the NBA.

    7. This is awesome. I'm definitely going to have to send this over to my friends that watch basketball. They would love to hear about this.

    8. This is fun! Mga NBA fanatic will be excited to this

    9. I think of that many channels at home the NBA is something that all memebers agree on, it's such useful and practical tips and appreciate your info!

    10. sounds great! I own a pass for all the events in my favorite sport, it is very useful. don't get much about NBA at all

    11. This sounds awesome, and a great way to spend some good family time.

    12. My husband and son would love this !! They watch the NBA all the time and enjoy it.

    13. What a great service for those who love to watch NBA and basekbetball. I hope basketball lovers will find this interesting!

    14. Missed these even if we have PLDT fibre too but all good! Thanks for sharing :)

    15. This is great news. Everyone loves to watch the NBA


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