6 Easy Safety Tips When Using A High Chair

July 30, 2023

Here are some practical tips to help you in buying your first high chair or in using it with care when you already own one at home.

High chairs provide a whole level of comfort and convenience when feeding babies and toddlers. It prevents them from moving around unnecessarily and it keeps them generally safe and secure. Putting your baby in a high chair also ensures that they are focused only on one task, say, in finishing their food. As such, it’s a great way to develop their concentration.

A cute toddler inspecting a high chair

6 Easy Safety Tips When Using A High Chair

    Our personal experience in using a high chair 

    We’ve put off buying a high chair for our firstborn. We did buy a booster chair as recommended by our pediatrician but we didn’t expect that he’d outgrow it so soon. We regretted not having bought a high chair for him because that would’ve made feeding him easier and, perhaps, even more enjoyable for him because we can let him “play” with his food or just let him eat on his own. 

    Thus, when our second baby started to eat solid food, we thought that buying him a high chair would be a much wiser decision. So that’s what we did, we bought him a high chair online and started using it as soon as it arrived. 

    Using a high chair was definitely a whole new level of convenience during mealtimes. We can feed our baby more comfortably because it’s just almost above chest level. No need to stoop down or squat when he is seated on a regular chair with his nanny. 

    What we also like about our high chair is the safety and peace of mind that it provides. Since using it, we have stopped worrying that our baby might get out of balance and accidentally fall or even minor concerns like spilling his food. 

    High chairs are designed for safety 

    However, while high chairs are designed for maximum safety, you still have to be very careful and mindful in using them. There are slots and locks that, if not properly or firmly fastened, can give way and lead to accidents. 

    We don’t want any of that to happen, of course, so it’s good to keep in mind these simple tips or guidelines to ensure the well-being of our baby when sitting in their high chair. 

    How to maintain safety when using a high chair 

    Here are some safety tips that you can refer to when buying a high chair or when you are already using one. Although this list is not exhaustive, most of these tips are based on our experience and our actual high chair use. 

    1. You cannot go wrong with a good brand 

    Let’s admit it, a good brand almost always equates to good quality. Thus, when choosing or buying a high chair for your child, you can start by looking at some of the most popular brands out there. Again, don’t just look at the price or cost alone. 

    Think of it as an investment, so look at it in the long term. Most good quality high chairs will last you a long time; your next baby (or babies) may even be able to use them. That being the case, you have more than recovered your cost of investment. 

    2. Your high chair should be made of sturdy material 

    Just the same, well-known brands don’t have a monopoly on quality. There are a lot of good options in the market, some high chairs may not necessarily be manufactured by more familiar or big-name companies. What’s good about these brands is that they are not as expensive as the more popular ones.

    A sturdy and secure Gromast high chair
    Gromast high chair

    To guide you in choosing a non-popular high chair brand, you can start by checking the material first. It should be made of sturdy plastic, that is it should be substantially thick, pliable yet firm, and not brittle. You should also, check for safety features like locks and seat belts; both of which should be close-fitting or not easily loosened when fastened.

    We are currently using a Gromast high chair. I'm not really sure if it's a popular brand, nevertheless, Khris and I like its quality. The tray locks in place securely and the straps or seat belts fasten snugly. 

    This Gromast high chair is also made of durable plastic, which gives us a lot of confidence when using it for our youngest baby. What's also good about the model that we bought is that you could dismantle the lower half portion which will then double as a small table. 

    3. The bolts should be tight 

    Most high chairs (or even furniture) nowadays come disassembled. It’s up to you to assemble them yourself. When buying these types of high chairs, such as in stores when there are products on display, make sure to check the bolts. You should be able to tighten the bolts well so that no component of the high chair would accidentally yield or fall off. 

    4. It should have comfortable padding 

    Check that it has adequate padding to ensure that your baby will not have accidental bumps or scratches when in the high chair. In particular, the back portion should be padded as well as the part of the high chair where the legs of your baby hang. 

    Furthermore, the padding should be made of airy material and not one that accumulates heat to avoid sweating which can lead to discomfort. 

    5. Make sure all locks are secured 

    When you are using a high chair or when your baby is seated on it, make sure that all locks are securely and tightly fastened. That means the seat belt, as well as the tray, are locked firmly.

    Seat belts in a Gromast high chair
    The locks should be secured well

    This might seem like a basic reminder but you would be surprised how some people overlook or take this for granted. The result can be disastrous with your baby falling on the floor and bumping his head. Again, we don’t want that to happen. 

    6. Keep a close eye on your baby 

    This is a very important reminder. Don’t ever leave your baby alone in the high chair even when you’ve made sure that all locks are secure. Always keep an eye on your baby and give your full concentration when feeding your infant. 


    A high chair is your best piece of equipment if you want to keep your baby safe and secure during feeding time or when you just want to keep your little one from running around too much when you are doing something else. 

    However, like any other contraption, settling for a low-quality high chair or not using it properly can mean disaster. Thus, always be mindful of its proper use so that your child is truly free from accidents when seated in a high chair.

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    High chair safety tips

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      It's okay to invest in a much expensive high chair if it has a great quality, absolutely.

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    14. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:21

      wow this is helpful po. it is really good to invest in a good quality high chair for the safety and ease din ni baby.

    15. Wow!! I will check this out. ๐Ÿ˜
      Talagang basta gamit ng baby di pwede ang basta basta lang pag buy naten , dhail for safety din ng babies naten. Kaya dapat make sure na maganda ang quality at proven na ng mga nakakarami. ๐Ÿ˜Š
      Importante po talaga ang gawa sa Sturdy material at good ang quality.

      Good choice po talaga ang pagbili ng high chair , dahil kadalasan sa mga anak naten gusto lagi nakikisabay sa pagkain. Atlis sa high chair di sila makaka akyat baba ng upuan lalo na kapag nasa toddler age na. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      Thankyou so much po for sharing those safety tips, very convenient ng high chair sa mga baby na nagiistart ng kumain ng mga solid foods. At dapat po talagang maging wise at maingat tayo sa pagbili ng high chair, tignan maigi yung quality hindi sa presyo para na rin po sure talagang safe si baby. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      Yes! High chair has lots of benefits, for babies and for us parents too. In this way matututo sila maging independent, malalaman nila ang oras ng pagkain sa oras ng laro. Mas ma eenjoy nila ang meal time kasama natin sa hapag kainan. Ang nabili din naming high chair ay pwede maging study table nya para kahit lumaki siya magagamit pa din niya ๐Ÿฅฐ♥️ Ngayon naman na manganganak na ako mext month magagamit naman ni bunso ๐Ÿฅฐ♥️

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