The Crime Circle: A Book Review

Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Crime Circle

Fresh from the successful launch of The Secrets That We Keep, the #HeistClub is back with a brand new anthology dubbed The Crime Circle that will surely entice fans of thriller and suspense stories.

The Crime Circle is composed of four stories, otherwise known as “arcs.” Those arcs form a circle, signifying a dark connection among the characters, as well as between and within the stories themselves. In this book, the lines between victim and perpetrator are obscured. There is no black and white, only gray areas, which will make the reader question if there is indeed such a thing called reality.

Here are snippets of each of the stories to tease your imagination:


The first of the anthology tells the story of a band called Baliw and its front man, David Roces. Baliw is one of the biggest rock bands in 90’s Manila and David, as with any lead of popular group, is wildly famous. He is young, artistically endowed, and tremendously ambitious. However, things begin to take a different turn when he received a mysterious letter containing news clips with the words “There’ll be 3B4U.” The series of events become intriguing when the front men of other music bands began to die.


The Crime Circle

More often than not, artists are constantly battling their inner demons and Zia is no different. She was a victim of child rape, and almost all her existence was dedicated to mending her broken self. Suffice it to say that her road to recovery was endless and rugged.

Her world was even more shaken when she began to receive anonymous emails related to her old case. Then, she mysteriously receives an offer of a lifetime, one that any artist would die (or kill) for. The story progresses with intertwined events and the question whether Zia can really free herself from the clutches of her dark past.


The Crime Circle

Pablo leads a double life: he has a day job as an IT practitioner and a side job as an erotic fiction writer by night. Beyond these two jobs though, he is also an information broker. Pablo was responsible for the most recent heists in high-class subdivisions lately. However, he is soon nagged by his conscience but he knew that his policeman protector will not take it lightly when his profitable little project suddenly halts. Find out how the characters in the story, some even unlikely protagonists, will play out their roles in helping Pablo pull himself out of his dilemma.


The Crime Circle

While Rachel, a horror fiction writer, is known for her dark and disturbing stories, her persona is the very opposite of what she pens about with her bright summer dresses and perpetual smile.

However, Rachel decides to take a different trail when she tries to write a crime story based on true events from her past. In doing so, she discovers that she was never an innocent spectator but a vital character in the store. Rachel’s past needs to be untangled in order to save her future.

As with The Secrets That We Keep, the stories in The Crime Circle are solidly-written. Each event progresses fluidly and with lucidity to keep readers flipping the pages. The four stories are also easier to finish as compared to the eight stories of the previous book. However, this might leave some readers craving for more. In any case, do watch out for upcoming books from the #HeistCLub.

If you want to order a copy of The Crime Circle, you may do so through this link and proceed to The Crime Circle local print order form. Let us support our local writers and book authors!

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