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Personally, I have two favorite outlets for getting my caffeine fix and one of them is McCafé. I like my coffee warm and strong, with just the slight hint of sweetness and creaminess. McCafé’s brewed coffee is exactly that: full-flavored and rich. What I like about it as well is its affordable price tag.

Coffee is probably one of the most versatile and widely-consumed drinks worldwide. More often than not, it is easy to come across people who would readily say that coffee is their favorite beverage. I say it is versatile because, aside from a warming drink to cap your breakfast and fuel your day, you can enjoy an afternoon cup to perk you up until it’s time to call it a day.

Coffee is also an enjoyable brew to make conversations livelier. So if you want to relax and catch up with your friends and indulge into long chats after a long day at work, McCafé can make conversations more enjoyable with its perfectly-balanced brews. McCafé offers premium quality coffee made from meticulously-selected 100% Arabica beans to give a well-balanced taste to coffee lovers. Whatever suits your fancy, McCafé has a range of coffee selections to match your taste.

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Enjoy the bold flavor and smoothness of McCafé Premium Roast Coffee, which is available ala carte for only P29. Aside from brewed coffee, McCafé also offers cold beverages for those who want it a little icy and sweet. If you want to cool down, the McCafé Iced Coffee is the perfect coffee drink for you. For just P39, you can already treat yourself to a McCafé Iced Coffee with its blend of sweet and creamy goodness.

If you want something sweeter and cooler, try the McCafé Coffee Float at only P55 ala carte. It has that rich taste of freshly brewed iced coffee, topped with vanilla soft serve sundae, and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Iced Coffee McCafe by Ivan Jose on  

Recently, McCafé also launched its latest television advertisement featuring its latest endorser, veteran journalist Atom Araullo. In the commercial, you will see Atom striking up a conversation with his dad over a cup of McCafé coffee. If you want to see the full commercial, you may watch it here at Youtube.

So if you are looking for great-tasting quality coffee at reasonable prices, McCafé is open all day to give you your coffee fix. What’s even better is that you can bond with your friends and share exciting stories with each other over your favorite McCafé coffee. Too busy at work? You can have your coffee delivered to you by logging on to For updates, you may like McDonald’s Facebook fan page or follow them on Twitter

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