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Maldives, with its idyllic beaches surrounded by cerulean waters, is a dream destination for most Filipinos. Images of bright sunshine, fine sand, and blue waters conjure a setting that is close to paradise.

Now, going to this island republic will be easier as the Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently announced that the Philippines and Maldives have successfully settled an agreement to offer air services on to and fro the two tropical nations.

In a statement, the Department of Transportation said that “The accord allows an initial entitlement of 1,200 seats that can be flown by each party’s designated airlines per week between Manila and the Maldives.”


“However, flights originating from or destined for points outside Manila will be unlimited, in line with the Philippines’ pocket open skies policy which promotes other international gateways away from the capital,” the DOTr added.

The Philippine delegation was headed by the Department of Foreign Affairs, and was composed of members from the Department of Transportation, Civil Aeronautics Board, Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, and the Department of Labor and Employment.


Meanwhile, the representatives from the Republic of Maldives comprised of the chairman, the chief executive, and senior officials of the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority.

The Republic of Maldives is located at the Indian Ocean, off the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. As an island nation, Maldives is composed of around 1,200 islands, atolls, and reefs, and is known for its paradise-like resorts that attract tourists worldwide.

Things to do at Maldives

Majority of the territory of Maldives is made up of water; hence, it prides itself in almost every kind of water-based activities and sports. Travelers can choose from leisurely rowing in a lagoon in a transparent canoe for a good view of the depths below, to navigating the undersea through an underwater scooter, or an exhilarating ride via speedboat. Of course, guests may opt to take things really slow and laid back and just relax by the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea breeze.


Moreover, Maldives offers a good number of resorts, hotels, guest houses, and liveaboards where travelers can choose to stay.

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Source: Visit Maldives


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