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My Singapore Food Street
My Singapore Food Street is another restaurant that holds a special place in my memory because this is the first restaurant where we had dinner a day after I proposed to my then fiancée. It was a random choice because we wanted to try something different. Thus, when we saw My Singapore Food Street, we did not have second thoughts. I did not know how Singaporean cuisine should taste like so I could not comment on how authentic the food was. In fact, I still don't know up to now. So this review will revolve only on how the food tasted.

The place is a little crowded that night. Upon entering, you would immediately be greeted by My Singapore Food Street's open kitchen where they prepare the orders. The wooden chairs and tables looked comfortable but we got a seat in one of the sofas. 
My Singapore Food Street
Our meal at My Singapore Food Street
We looked at the menu and there were a lot of interesting Malay-sounding cuisine. We placed our orders for Croquettes, Nasi Goreng Meal, Black Pepper Beef and Prawn Mee Noodles. 

My Singapore Food Street's Croquettes were good appetizers, the texture was ice with the crisp shell and warm soft mashed potatoes inside. However, it tasted ordinary. It was calling for more spices, seasonings and spinach leaves. Don't eat too much of this as you'd be already too full to eat your meals. 

The Nasi Goreng Meal had a lot potential had there been more balance in taste. The rice tasted a little bit too salty, like there was too much soy sauce in it. Alas, the taste of the other ingredients failed to stand out. My Singapore Food Street's Pork Satay, meanwhile, was under-seasoned but it would have tasted better with peanut sauce. The Black Pepper Beef was very tasty but, again, it did not offer anything new. It was a familiar taste that can be had anytime at the cafeteria. 

The Prawn Mee Noodles was amazing with a strong shrimp flavor, similar to the taste of many shrimp heads that are slowly-boiled for a long time. The noodles are thick, firm and likewise tasty. 

It was still a good experience, definitely satisfied my curiosity for Singaporean cooking. Meal at My Singapore Food Street was also very affordable at around P500 for two people.

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