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In Search of Something Better


(To say this post is delayed is an understatement)

Almost all the time, we do not realize that what we have is really our best possession no matter how worthless it may seem. And oftentimes, because of naiveté (or maybe from sheer lack of gratitude for our blessings) we try (with our damn best) to escape from it and assume that we're headed for something much better. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that what we asked for will be given to us.

I was one of those who learned this the hard way. This thought was actually triggered after (surprise, surprise) watching Toy Story 3. I thought that I have completely lost connection with animated films.

But anyway, moving forward, the movie goes like this: The once little kid who owned the toys is now a young man, 17 to be exact, and about to go to college. Having considerably matured, he seemed to have lost interest in his old toys. Feeling neglected, the toys sought to find new (younger) owners as they wanted to be "played" again. This was aggravated when there occured a mix-up and the toys thought they were being thrown away. So off they went and found a daycare center where they felt ecstatic because there were so many kids who could play with them and appreciate them. Little did they know that they were headed for disaster as the toddlers were not as caring as they expected -- they played with them harshly and tossed and banged them. They later realized that it was all planned by the older toys, led by a vengeful teddy bear. After careful planning and sneaking, the toys were fortunate enough to have escaped from that awful place 9and experience). After returning home, they realized that they misinterpreted the actions of their owner who, as it turned out, loved them still.

Relating this to my own experiences, I can say that I've also been in a more or less similar situation. I left my previous job because I thought that I was headed for something better. I was happy, hopeful and optimistic, especially with the many things that my friends and I went through in our former company. Days went by and I started noticing that this new company wasn't even half the beautiful picture that a friend painted for me when I asked her about it. In fact, I was in a situation that was even a lot worse compared to that in the company I left. People were not as warm and friendly. Bureaucracy was at its peak. My boss wasn't helping me out even if he saw that I was struggling. At times, he wouldn't even speak to me for days. He took all my projects away from me. To think that I have been very honest with them from the start that I don't have prior experience with the job that I applied for but I was willing to learn it and be an expert in it if they would only help me. I became quite "depressed" and a bit regretful for having left my first bank. I thought of coming back but after carefully weighing things out, I decided not to pursue the plan. I thought it would just complicate things a lot more.

So, fast forward, I started applying and secured several job interview schedules with various companies, including those outside the banking industry. Some look very promising. Let's see what will happen next although I still pray and hope that I finally find that one job that will bring me both growth and satisfaction.

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