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Dim Sum Meals


For the second consecutive day today, I am having rice and siomai for lunch. Well, yesterday it was actually fried siomai with garlic rice and now its steamed sharks fin siomai with yang chow rice (looks more like java rice though). This time, however, I bought wanton noodle soup so that I’d have something warm to sip as I have my fill.

I decided to eat alone in front of my PC since my colleagues have already had lunch much, much earlier (they bought Jollibee – I couldn’t stomach Jollibee for lunch since I usually buy my breakfast there).

I am pondering as I savor my sumptuous meal, oblivious of the irritating music from the radio at the other side of my cubicle.

Christmas is fast-approaching. It’s next week actually. As with previous Christmases, I’m excited as a child as I look forward to my most favorite holiday. However, I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately. I don’t know why, actually, and I can’t pinpoint any concrete reason. But the most immediate thought would be the people that I miss, and I mean miss a lot. Of course, first would be my mother. She has been working in Spain for three years now but I can never get used to saying goodbye to her at the airport. The last time we celebrated Christmas with her was like 2005 or 2006. Anyhow, she’s going home this April so I’m excited as hell just by thinking about it.

Likewise, I miss some of my closest friends. I rarely see them nowadays. Some are busy with work, others with their families, and a few are busy with moving on with their lives. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to talk to some of them soon. Small chit-chat, a few laughs, and then goodbyes once more. Loreen is definitely coming home this December. Routinely, I’d see Nival and Joyce. Hopefully Ly & Gabo could be there, too.

One thing I love about holidays is that it gives people the excuse to come together for no reason at all. Folks are suddenly wishing to see one another. You would often hear them say that they miss so and so and that they wanted to talk to them. Things like that. Holidays merit people the right to smile and be merry eventhough they’re not really that cheerful. Or maybe, out of instinct, they just what to huddle up to fend off the icy, bone-tingling chill and feel the human warmth that they so long for. In any case, it’s good since they tend to forget pain even for just a few hours.

Tsk…tsk…anyway, I have to go back to work and I have to finish my soup. It’s getting cold and I have a long day ahead.

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