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(this is my second post na pala. i forgot that i wrote one article last december but didn't remember to publish it. i just saw it when my interest in blogging was revived today. hehe)

i've always wanted to start blogging but kept on postponing because i can't seem to think of a good topic to blog about. kakahiya naman since most bloggers talk about topics that range from being socially relevant to profound, informative and funny. as they say, it's always impolite to waste other people's time if the material you're showing them is a complete nonsense. yan tuloy, walang nangyari sa blogging ko. i created a blog account last, i think 2006 or 2007, but has not advanced since then save from updating my profile and username. hehehe.

well, anyway, i promised myself that i'm going to blog more. sayang naman kasi ang everyday experiences, whether trivial or significant, kung kakalimutan lang.

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