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i guess this is still nonsense


wait, how do you spell "nonsense?" hope i got it right. anyway...

whew, 2008 is over! honestly, i really don't know how i'm supposed to feel about it. on one hand, i feel nothing extraordinary about it (same as the previous years). i'm not even quiet sure if i'm supposed to feel "senti" about it. guess i'd have to be just thankful for everything that was given to me the previous year, good or bad. i would say 2008 for me was a whirlwind, for every aspect of my dunno-how-to-describe-anymore life. dunno how to describe coz i'm not even sure if it's exciting or boring or too damn...too damn...hmnnn...stressful??! lol. hehehe. honestly, it was a mixture of laughter and tears. nevertheless, 2008 was 365 days of life, of living life, of gaining new experiences, of struggling, of prayer, of loving, of being loved, of sharing love, of hoping, of trying to get over pain, etc., etc., etc. in short, no matter how good or bad 2008 is, i should just be thankful because i was once again given the chance to take another shot at life.

career-wise, 2008 is one heck of a ride. i thought working for a bank would give me the stability (and satisfaction) that i was looking for. i love what i'm doing so i thought i can stay there for years. turned out, loving what you do isn't necessarily enough to get you to the top. poor me, i think i was still being a bit idealistic then. and as such, heartache was unavoidable. i just have to learn to accept what i have and pray that hopefully, time will come when i can say that "this is what career should be!" and "i'm happy here!" hahaha! well, hopefully. what else? hmmnnn...i dont wan't to talk about cheesy stuff like lovelife or wishes or philosophical stuff like religion or something. hehehe.

so, there you go. that's 2008 for me in a nutshell. life's pretty plain, you see. well, hope 2009's better.

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